Multimodality and

Lightness starts already with the language. That?s why we surround ourselves rarely with technical terms. Still we don?t want to keep the most important ones back from you. The terms multimodality and intermodality do not have per se something to do with mobility, but are often associated with it. What?s behind these terms is really simple.


Multimodal mobility describes simply the possibility to choose for one specific route between different transport options. If you get offered variable means of transport for one route, for example you can choose between car and train, this offer is called multimodal.


Intermodal mobility describes on the other hand the use of different means of transport on one and the same route. If you combine various means of transport on one route, for example you change the train to a car sharing vehicle, you are already intermodal on your way.

The true strength of these two dimensions develops always, where they enrich each other. Where you can create various combinations of different means of transport for all ways. Limitless mobility starts here. Provided by us ? shaped by you.

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