Where ever you want to go:
Go your own way.

About Qixxit

There are various reasons, to be on the way. The most important one: Inspiration. Interesting people, fascinating places, touching moments ? it’s on you to decide how you move and what you experience. The variety of means of transport is huge. But who is considerate of your preference? And which connection leads you fast and safe to your destination? Qixxit knows the answer.

No matter if from the suburb to the center or from Munich to the North Sea: Qixxit plans routes according to your wishes and guidelines ? with more than 15 means of transport and partners. You have no own car? Qixxit accompanies you to the next carsharing offering, suggests ridesharings and identifies ideal train connections. You like to ride the bike? Qixxit recalls that and includes your preferences in the comparison. The overview shows you all possibilities with the most important travel data. You decide which connection you choose. Brilliant? Besides Qixxit does not let you down on the way ? the app informs you in real-time about changes and brings you reliably from door to door.

No matter where you are or where you want to go ?
with Qixxit you are shaping your own ways. Just how you like them. Comfortable, personal, inspiring. Qixxit is the muse of your mobility.

What is actually meant by "Qixxit"?

Qixxit testifies to a new understanding of speed. Where well-trodden paths reach their limits and the travel time gets more and more unpredictable, it takes a view on what “quick” means. We need a quick + x ? a qixx. It comes into existence everywhere, where we combine means of transport situational and shape their fluentness freely.

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